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 Meet Your Host

Marian Nielsen Joos


I am a passionate advocate for our Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Healing Arts all the way back to the Shamanic Roots. Inspired by my own story and encounters, I have decided to create these great Summits and Webinars for you with world leading experts in our field!

I am so happy to invite you to join our Heart Healing Community and I am honoured about all the support and contributions that our events and our community receive - let me be your host and share all these event with you!

I am delighted to offer you a joint path for Self-Cultivation, Transformational Insights and Wisdom, a Healing Journey which all in all is for the purpose of a high level of Consciousness.


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Meet Your Community Experts

Angela Hicks

Charles Buck

Christine Bodenschatz-Li

CT Holman

Daisy Lee

Elisa Rossi


Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee

Heiner Fruehauf

Itzhak Beery

Joan Duven

John Hicks

Kathaline Lauge

Lillian Pearl Bridges

Livia Kohn


Lonny Jarett

Lorie Eve Dechar

Maive Tollefeldt

Master Zhongxian Wu

Michael Stanley-Baker

Mike Robinson

Nigel Tonto Ching

Rani Ayal

Richard Bertschinger

Saraswati Markus

Yair Maimon