Richard Bertschinger

7 May 1949 - UK

BA in philosophy, also studied with Gia-fu Feng in USA and China. Three-year training in Gestalt Therapy (‘75-‘78). Had his translations from Chinese on Alchemy, Acupuncture and the Yijing published for nearly 30 years, including the oldest Qigong book in the world, the Zhouyi Cantong Qi (The Secret of Everlasting Life, Singing Dragon 2012). Recently self-publishing on Amazon – the Tao-te Ching, and Zhang Boduan’s Awakening to Reality (foundation text of the Southern School of internal alchemy, or neidan). At present involved producing A Record of the Assembled Immortals of the Western Hills with Singing Dragon (forthcoming 2018).  Also 10 years Pain Management in Taunton Hospital, UK and 20 years in Adult Education.  Acupuncturist in general practice in Somerset, many years.  Gardener, bee-keeper, walker, musician. Spoke at the 47th TCM Kongress, Rothenburg.