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 "Back to the Roots of Chinese Medicine:

Self-cultivation, Spirituality and Shamanism"

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Both intimate and revealing, these 13 powerful interviews with well-known Chinese Medicine and Shamanism experts:


  • Will shed light on the wisdom learned from the Ancient Chinese Healing Tradition


  • Will deeply connect you to the spiritual roots of our resourceful medicine


Sign up to this never before seen online event and discover the roots of the healing tradition and how it impacts the way we practice modern Chinese Medicine today.


During the summit, 13 influential international experts in the field of Chinese Medicine and Shamanism will share their personal stories, their knowledge, as well as their unique experience and insights.


Sign up and get inspired by incredibly moving, intimate and revealing Heart to Heart Conversations on the Art of the Ancient Chinese Medicine - all the way to its core of Shamanism. 



Be prepared to open your mind to a deeper understanding about the roots of the Ancient Chinese Medicine and to receive amazing knowledge that will transform and connect you to a spiritual journey.


During these 13 amazing interviews inside the summit you will:


·         Gain a deeper understanding of the shamanistic beginnings of the Chinese Medicine

·         Go to the roots of the healing arts and understand the impact it has on the modern practice

·         Receive a deeper understanding of the origin of our medicine

·         Gain transformational wisdom and insights that will expand your consciousness

·         Awaken “The Healer and the Shaman” within you 



“First you are the student, then the practitioner, later on the teacher and in the end you can become the Shaman.”

- Jeffrey Yuen, Daoist Priest New York City


Interviews Hosted by Marian Nielson Joos

 All the interviews for the Summit are lead personally by Marian Nielsen Joos, practitioner of Chinese Healing Arts, Shamanism and Face Reading. Additionally, she is the founder and organizer of the Scandinavian TCM Congress (Denmark).


"It is with great pleasure that I present to you

the Chinese Medicine Online Summit,

the first in a row of many more to come.


I created this summit to bring to all the participants lots of

inspiration, wisdom and personal knowledge directly from

the world’s leading experts in the field of our medicine and healing art.


As a result, you will open a door to ancient wisdom and transforming powers that will lead you to a higher level of consciousness. 

I will be honored to have you join me in the Summit. " 

- Marian Nielsen Joos, The Heart Way

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Who are the Experts, Teachers & Fellow Travelers featured inside the Summit?

The guest experts are practitioners of Chinese Medicine or Shamanic healing, health care professionals, healers, lightworkers and sinologists.

While each speaker has an unique take on Chinese Medicine and Shamanism, they are all bound by a deep passion and love for their groundbreaking work. Some speakers have been connected to Chinese Medicine for more than 40 years.

Every interview has transforming qualities.

CT Holman

Christine Bodenschatz Li

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee

Heiner Fruehauf

Itzhak Beery

Lillian Pearl Bridges

Lorie Eve Dechar

Lonny Jarrett

Kathaline Lauge

Marian Nielsen Joos


Master Zhongxian Wu

Michael Stanley-Baker

Mike Robinson

Rani Ayal


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Friday 23rd of June:

Saturday 24th of June:

Sunday 25th of June:

Lillian Pearl Bridges

Rani Ayal

Lorie Eve Dechar

CT Holman

Michael Stanly-Baker

Elisabeth Rochat

Heiner Fruehauf

Christine Bodenschatz Li

Itzhak Beery

Mike Robinson

Lonny Jarrett

Kathaline Lauge

Master Zhongxian Wu

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Who is this summit for?

This CHINESE MEDICINE ONLINE SUMMIT is for you if you are: a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, East Asian Medicine and Shamanism, a health care professional, a healer or a lightworker.


And, of course, everyone with a profound longing to gain more knowledge and insight into the traditional Healing Arts and their origins is more than welcome.


Join us if:

  •   You want to know more about the roots of Chinese Medicine, all the way back to the Shang dynasty and the Shamanic beginnings (dating back to 1600 to 1046 BC)

  •   You are working in the field of Chinese Medicine and East Asian Medicine, in an alternative health care profession, healing and shamanism or on the spirit level

  •   You are fascinated with the spirit of this ancient healing tradition

  •   You are deeply interested in learning from renown and influential experts and want to hear all about their personal stories, insights, knowledge and transforming experiences

What You Will Receive

Join the summit to unlock your access to a sanctuary of incredibly profound wisdom, personal experiences and knowledge. Benefit from the longstanding extensive knowledge and experiences of these 13 guest experts.

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Those Intimate, revealing and soulful interviews with leading experts, teachers and renown practitioners of different Healing Arts will be available to you for FREE for the first 24 hours after their release.

After that you can have lifetime access to them (and watch them at your own convenience) with the Summit Package and access to our Special Gift Section with a collection of material from our teachers and experts.