Hello, fellow traveler!

I am Marian Nielsen Joos and  nearly 15 years as a practitioner and my own story have lead me on a path towards a heartfelt connection to Chinese Medicine and the Healing Arts.

I am happy to make this wisdom and knowledge from our spirited and inspirational community available to you through our Chinese Medicine Summits and Webinars! 

Let me tell you how I came to Chinese Medicine and to founding this amazing Heart Healing Community!

Chinese Medicine came into my life as my mother way dying from cancer in 1999, in the last month of her life I asked a newly started acupuncturist Kathaline Lauge, if she would come and treat my dear mother.

Acupuncture served my mother as she went over to the other side, into the light, and her soul was set free from a body deeply suffering. This ancient healing tradition supported her to take the last transformation she needed in this life.

A very strong bounding had happened, I had lost my mother on the one hand but on the other I had gained what up to this day is my work, my hobby and my deeply felt passion.  

Chinese Medicine sent me out on a lifelong journey to both support many other people on their journey with focus on transformation and healing. Since 2003 I have had my own clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine up in the Swiss mountains, in a little city called Ilanz, which is the first city next to the river Rhein!

Along side supporting other people on their journey from pain to healing. This has also been very much my own journey of transformation. Be cause when you step onto this path, you step onto a path, which awakens your consciousness.

Self-cultivation happens as you are taught in school about the holistic life approach and your horizon is expanded. This was the beginning of that which I always had been looking for – HEALING!

In 2005 I participated in the big international Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress in Rothenburg, Germany. Second time in the field of Chinese Medicine I fell in love! This community, this family, this connection all in the name of this healing tradition and I wanted to bring it all to Denmark.

So I did, in 2007 the first Scandinavian TCM Congress saw the light of the day and 3 more congresses successfully followed. There were 4 congresses born at the same time that I  had given birth to my 3 gourgeous children: Sean, Zoey and Malou. Plus I started to teach both at my own congress in Denmark and at the Rothenburg TCM Congress in Germany, along side with my The Heart Way workshops at my Swiss clinic. 

(Watch the video from one of our earlier TCM Kongresses and why I think it is so important that we share in the community!) 

My great passion for transformation on a deeper level, lead me to Shamanism! A new door opened and I knew that this too was to have an uttermost impact on my life. Healing on a Soul level! A shamanic practitioner works on the level of the Soul as for transformation to happen.

Today I my self are a practitioner of the ancient Chinese healing tradition and of shamanism – my focus is on the spirit and soul level for healing to occur with transformation beyond the body level. This has also brought me to the Master Class of Face Reading with Lillian Pearl Bridges, another gateway to work on the soul level.

With all of this fascination, deep interest and always willingness to learn I have now started this Chinese Medicine Summit, which are to greatly inspire with unique Heart to Heart Conversations with leading experts on our field. Focus on Self-Cultivation of the practitioner, the spiritual aspect of the healing tradition and the many food steps of the wise people before us and that we are all following.

Be my guest as I invite you with all my Heart to join the journey of Self-Cultivation and be deeply inspired by experts that share their insight, knowledge, wisdom and personal experiences, many of them has been connected to the tradition for more than 30-40 years by now.

We are a family, we are a community and the Summit is here to lift the Spirit of Tradition! 

Sweet smiles and stay connected to that Conscious Heart of yours.