Nigel Tonto Ching

Nigel Ching who despite the Chinese sounding surname is originally from England, trained and qualified as an acupuncturist in Denmark in 1991. Nigel qualified as a Chinese herbalist from the Northern College of Acupunture in York, UK in 2003 and has since obtained an MSc in Chinese Medicine from Middlesex University.

Nigel has authored four books on acupuncture in Danish: Pædiatrisk Akupunktur  (Klitrose forlaget due to be published 2017), Akupunkturens Grundprincipper" (Klitroseforlaget 2012), "Kunsten at Diagnosticere med Kinesisk Medicin" (Klitroseforlaget 2009) and "Akupunktur og Sygdomsbehandling" (Klitroseforlaget 2005). These works have become the standard acupuncture textbooks in Denmark. Two of these books are now available in English from Singing Dragon Publisher: "The Fundamentals of Acupuncture" (2016) and "The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine" (2017).

Nigel is the course director at the Nordisk Akupunktur Uddannelse.