Are you ready to awaken to Women's Wisdom and Sacred Healing, for you to be your own inner healer and divine shaman?


Join us for our pre-recorded Women’s Wisdom and Sacred Healing Webinar


While you missed the webinar live you have another opportunity to hear our experts delve deep into Women's Wisdom and Sacred Healing 

Come watch us as we discuss topics such as the loss of a love one, and things you can do to help you move beyond the heartache that loss has made you feel.


Join an intimate, revealing and insightful Heart to Heart Conversation between 4 experts, who are rooted in the ancient Chinese Medicine and Healing Art - with Saraswati Markus, Nigel Ching, Heather Bruce and Marian Nielsen Joos also the host.

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Saraswati Markus”

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Nigel Ching”

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Heather Bruce”

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian Nielsen Joos”

The ancient Chinese Medicine and Healing Art is deeply rooted in spiritual aspects and their Wise Women were the Wu Shamans performing invocation, divination, dream interpretation, healing, exorcism, driving off evil spirits, and performing ecstatic rain dance.


Throughout times sacred wisdom has been past down from women to women for generations. From ancestors, grandmothers, mothers to the young women, as women were natural healers. Many traditions have their female healers who were midwives, herbalists, healers, priestesses, shamans and medicine women.  

Effected by our emotions, beliefs and state of mind, everything has an impact on our feminine spirit. It is time to create even more awareness around health, self-care and self-love to thrive fully with your powerful feminine creative energy in FLOW and alignment for healing.  

Sacred Healing is for you whether you’re a practitioner or a patient as we are all natural healers from within and we are all on our healing journey.  

Awaken to the Wise Women is a deep, transforming journey towards better health, healing and well-being.  

The intention of the Heart to Heart Conversation is to inspire, teach, empower and share the sacred healing wisdom and stories from real people and real lives.  

These “Art of the Heart Webinars” with exceptional, thought-leading, influential experts will open your eyes and heart to the profound impact healing can have in your life and work. As practitioners, you’ll gain insights into your approach for your patients. 

We are going to bring the Sacred Healing for Wise Women into practical use. 


Hear from one of our participants from the live webinar, and see what she took away from the powerful 2 hours she spent with our experts. 

Marian, Nigel, Heather & Robin are a powerful quartet. If you want to have profound insights on healing from experts who do not only share their expertise but also their own stories of overcoming and healing with a very open heart and soul- You'll leave the webinar with a bigger perspective than when you stepped in. And if you ask your own personal question, you'll receive a practical way to take a step towards your own healing journey. The delivery is generous and real. Chérine Kurdi Feminine Leadership Expert.



 ‘We rise to heaven and brush away the comets,’ said a shamaness in her song.  


 When you purchase our pre-recorded webinar you will also receive a download of the video recording, and have 2 years access to the webinar. Online payment options are available in other currencies.

You'll walk away with:

  • Insights on how Women are natural healers and shamans filled with Women’s Wisdom  
  • A heart opening conversations with 4 experts on sacred healing and female transforming power
  • How you can tap into Sacred Self Healing Power and awaken to Women’s Wisdom 
  • Specific practical exercises for self healing and self love 
  • If you are a practitioner you will be able to support your patients healing journey and transformational path with the insight and wisdom received

This event is for you if:

  • You know in your heart that women are naturally healers and you want to know more for your own healing journey 
  • You’re ready to awaken your own “Women’s Wisdom” to serve to you here  
  • You’re looking for guidance and practical advice plus real stories with impact  
  • You know that working from inside out, connecting with your spirit and heart is the true way for heart healing 
  • You as a practitioner are looking for practical strategies that can support you in working with woman in your clinic and their healing journey



Are you ready for deepening your understanding on Woman’s Wisdom and Sacred Healing? Join us in the pre-recorded webinar and spend 2 powerful hours with us.


Meet Our Speakers



Saraswati Markus

Dr. Saraswati Markus is the Founder of Nourishing Life Center of Health & Yoga, an institute for women’s health, regenerative and restorative medicine. Dr. Markus, a leading women’s health expert, lectures at medical colleges and at specialty conferences around the world. She received both her Masters (1995) and Doctoral (2006) degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA. Between 2005-2009, Dr. Markus completed advanced training in acupuncture, herbal medicine and classical medical literature at Shandong University and Hospital in China, also where she first discovered the medical tradition of yangsheng (Nourishing Life).  

The science of nourishing one’s life fundamentally shifted her work for good, as she now helps her patients to uncover the root imbalance of their symptoms and the lifetime solution. In 2007, she developed a self-care yoga practice designed with women in mind that combines Western and Chinese medicine together with yoga to support hormones; and in 2012 she brought Dao Flow yoga out to the world with the release of her 5-disc DVD complete set of Yoga for Women’s health. 2010 began her collaboration in a twice-yearly yoga and meditation retreat with Ram Dass and Krishna Das, two of her most inspirational teachers. Saraswati is in her 23rd year of teaching medicine and currently holds faculty positions in both masters and doctoral degree programs. She lives in her Asheville North Carolina where she leads continuing education trainings for acupuncturists, yoga immersion programs for women, and her latest professional enthusiasm is leading tours in the Himalayas. You can see all about it here:  

Visit Saraswati's site: &

Nigel Ching

Nigel Ching who despite the Chinese sounding surname is originally from England, trained and qualified as an acupuncturist in Denmark in 1991. Nigel qualified as a Chinese herbalist from the Northern College of Acupunture in York, UK in 2003 and has since obtained an MSc in Chinese Medicine from Middlesex University.  

Nigel has authored four books on acupuncture in Danish: Pædiatrisk Akupunktur (Klitrose forlaget due to be published 2017), Akupunkturens Grundprincipper" (Klitroseforlaget 2012), "Kunsten at Diagnosticere med Kinesisk Medicin" (Klitroseforlaget 2009) and "Akupunktur og Sygdomsbehandling" (Klitroseforlaget 2005). These works have become the standard acupuncture textbooks in Denmark. Two of these books are now available in English from Singing Dragon Publisher: "The Fundamentals of Acupuncture" (2016) and "The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine" (2017).  

Nigel is the course director at the Nordisk Akupunktur Uddannelse.

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Heather Bruce

My initiation in to living more mindfully came as I found myself at 20 years old in a foreign country (Australia – from New Zealand), and married - to someone who was on his own health quest. From there I conceived and from this unexpectedly pregnant state birthed the baby (now 41) who became instrumental in projecting me into acupuncture and all natural health studies. Why? I did not want him to be in the state growing up that his father had been. I took up the acupuncture course offered – in 1977 – with my then 6 week old baby in tow. Not allowing his presence to dampen the trajectory ahead, along the way I picked up all forms of vibrational and touch healing, in 1981 co wrote and delivered a new acupuncture course, had more children, taught on all levels of acupuncture education, then became immersed in neurological retrieval as my third child (born 1986) was massively brain injured, profoundly autistic and then also became vaccine damaged. This redefined my focus from ‘maternal – all things birthy and fertility (pre IVF) and ‘hopeless’ (HIV/AIDS/cancer) into an eternal question ‘Why?’ Looking back through the past 4 decades I can see how this path can be seen as being pre ordained. I followed it – to where I now teach and mentor those who seek me out into soul centred heartful hands - on beingness.

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Marian Nielsen Joos

Chinese Medicine came into my life as my mother way dying from cancer in 1999, in the last month of her life I asked a newly started acupuncturist Kathaline Lauge, if she would come and treat my dear mother.  

Acupuncture served my mother as she went over to the other side, into the light, and her soul was set free from a body deeply suffering. This ancient healing tradition supported her to take the last transformation she needed in this life.  

A very strong bounding had happened, I had lost my mother on the one hand but on the other I had gained what up to this day is my work, my hobby and my deeply felt passion.  

Chinese Medicine sent me out on a lifelong journey to both support many other people on their journey with focus on transformation and healing. Since 2003 I have had my own clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine up in the Swiss mountains, in a little city called Ilanz, which is the first city next to the river Rhein!  

Along side supporting other people on their journey from pain to healing. This has also been very much my own journey of transformation. Be cause when you step onto this path, you step onto a path, which awakens your consciousness.  

Self-cultivation happens as you are taught in school about the holistic life approach and your horizon is expanded. This was the beginning of that which I always had been looking for – HEALING!  

In 2005 I participated in the big international Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress in Rothenburg, Germany. Second time in the field of Chinese Medicine I fell in love! This community, this family, this connection all in the name of this healing tradition and I wanted to bring it all to Denmark.  

So I did, in 2007 the first Scandinavian TCM Congress saw the light of the day and 3 more congresses successfully followed. There were 4 congresses born at the same time that I had given birth to my 3 gourgeous children: Sean, Zoey and Malou. Plus I started to teach both at my own congress in Denmark and at the Rothenburg TCM Congress in Germany, along side with my The Heart Way workshops at my Swiss clinic. 

The Heart Way workshops at my Swiss clinic will very soon be offered online also. My dear colleague Eva-Marie Janelo and I are also right now working on an online course with focus on Face Reading for personal development which will be up and running early summer.

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