Your spirit is being blocked by an Emotional Trauma Your body is trapped and your mind is imprisoned Now is the time for the Deep Healing Process to start Following the Way of the Heart and free your Spirit!


Join us once again for an insightful and powerful live online webinar “Chinese Medicine Treating Emotional Trauma” The Healing Process and Inner Transformation!

Friday 13th of April 7pm-9pm CET


Join this intimate, revealing and insightful Heart to Heart Conversation between 4 experts, whose roots are in ancient Chinese Medicine The Healing Art – with Yair Maimon, Lorie Dechar, CT Holman and Marian Nielsen Joos also the host.


Don’t worry if you can’t join us live as you will receive a replay of the LIVE webinar when you purchase the webinar and gain access to our exclusive learning space in Simplero!

Marian Nielsen Joos

“C.T. Holman”

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Lorie Dechar”

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Yair Maimon”

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian Nielsen Joos”

Heal emotional trauma and awaken the inner transformation that uplifts a person’s spirit and releases them from that which holds them back. They can then live a life in freedom with flow on all 3 levels - body, mind and soul.

The spirit of a person is blocked by emotional trauma and that can create psychical symptoms along with an unclear mind-set and disturbed emotions. Wide amount of people are experience traumas in their lives and Chinse Medicine, the Healing Art, can support people on their Healing Journey. 

There are many different emotional traumas and there are various treatment approaches for them. There are even methods for preventing the impact of future traumas. All with the modality of Chinese Medicine, the Healing Art, the Spiritual Alchemical aspects along with the Shamanic Healing Rituals for supporting healing and the inner transformation.  

Effected by our emotions, beliefs and state of mind, everything has an impact on our divine spirit. The Way of the Heart and the relationship between practitioner, spirit and patient are keys for healing to happen.


The intension of the Heart to Heart Conversation is to inspire, teach, empower and share the healing wisdom and stories from real people and real lives. These “Art of the Heart Webinars” with exceptional, thought-leading, influential experts will open your eyes and heart to the profound impact healing can have in your life and work. As practitioners, you’ll gain insights into your approach for your patients. We are going to shed light on the Deep Healing Process of Emotional Traumas with Chinese Medicine, the Healing Art, and bring it into practical hands on use.  


 “The most important thing for healing is the relationship of the practitioner, the spirit and the patient.” NEIJING SU WEN


 When you purchase our LIVE webinar you will also receive a download of the video recording, and have 2 years access to the webinar. Online payment options are available in other currencies.  

Don’t worry if you can’t join us live as you will receive a replay of the LIVE webinar when you purchase the webinar and access to our exclusive learning space in Simplero! 

You'll walk away with:

  • Insight into how Chinese Medicine can support the Deep Healing Process of Emotional Trauma 
  • A Heart opening conversation with 4 experts in Emotional Trauma and how that is linked to the Dark Night of the Soul
  • How you can tap into the Divine Healing and Inner Transformational process to free your Spirit
  • Specific practical exercises for Self-Healing and Self-love
  • If you are a practitioner you will be able to support your patients healing process and inner transformation with the knowledge, insights and wisdom received

This event is for you if:

  • You know in your heart that it is time to free your body, mind and soul from an Emotional Trauma and start the deep healing process
  • You’re ready to face your fears and set yourself free on all 3 levels body, mind and spirit 
  • You’re looking for guidance and practical advice plus real healing stories with profound impact 
  • You know that working from inside out, connecting with your spirit and heart is the true way for deep healing
  • You as a practitioner are looking for practical strategies that can support you in working on Emotional Trauma and the deep healing process 



Are you ready for deepening your understanding on Treating Emotional Trauma? Join us for this LIVE webinar and spend 2 powerful hours with us.  


Meet Our Speakers



C.T. Holman

CT Holman practices Chinese Medicine and teaches seminars internationally. He recently completed writing a textbook on Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine.  

CT teaches several subjects on Chinese Medicine internationally and mentors students in his clinic. He is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and has extensive post-graduate education with several leading teachers in the field. He is the Director of Development for the Lotus Institute.  

He studied in China three times (1999, 2001, and 2003) and has the specialties of facial diagnosis, channel palpation, five element diagnosis, and diagnosing and treating trauma, which he writes about and teaches at schools and conferences internationally. He has been a drummer for over 30 years and released several records with various bands. CT treats with and teaches shamanic drumming and teaches and practices qigong.  

CT likes to use humor and open dialogue to create a safe and calm atmosphere to accurately diagnose and provide gentle treatment. He is dedicated to treating the issues you desire efficiently and educating you in ways of prevention and management for optimum well-being.  

Visits CT's site:

Lorie Eve Dechar

My journey began with a love of language, art, and dance that I explored as an undergraduate at Bennington College. This study led to a decade of work as an environmental activist, gardener, and poet and then to the discovery of Chinese medicine. After receiving my Master’s degree from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in 1985, my earlier love of art continued to inform my clinical work with Chinese medicine. For me, creativity, beauty, and self-expression are central to the healing process. My post-graduate work with Gene Gendlin of the Focusing Institute, at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training in Manhattan, and nearly twenty years of study with Jungian analyst Nathan Schwartz-Salant bring a psychological dimension to my acupuncture practice.

Despite my interest in Western psychology, I remained committed to the practice of acupuncture and believed that I could find a way to bring Eastern and Western psychological approaches together in the treatment room.My discovery of the Five Spirits – the Taoist version of the chakra system – offered the connecting link. Writing Five Spirits was a journey as well as an initiation that led me to discover a new way of practicing the ancient art of Chinese medicine in contemporary Western settings. For the past sixteen years, I have been delighted to have the opportunity to share my multidimensional approach to healing not only with my patients but also with students at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in Manhattan, the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and at conferences and workshops in the UK and Europe as well as through our ongoing Mentorship programs.

My commitment to Alchemical Healing grows out of a passionate interest in the question of how human beings transform the challenges of life into opportunities for healing and new possibilities.

Visit Lorie's site:


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Dr. Yair Maimon, OMD PhD Ac.  

Dr. Yair Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in integrative medicine and TCM. Over the course of his career as a doctor of Chinese medicine, he has developed a special discipline in diagnosis and treatment for a variety of psychological issues, autoimmune disorders and cancer, stemming from a deep understanding of the applications of Chinese medicine in easing suffering and promoting healing. Had published outstanding research in herbal medicine and oncology. Member of the Clinical committee of the SIO (Society of Integrative Oncology

Dr. Maimon is the Head of research at “Tal center” - Integrative Cancer Research Center, Institute of Oncology - Sheba academic Hospital. Chairman of the International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Israel (ICCM); Head of "Refuot" Integrative Medical Center. Director of TCM Academy (TCM.AC) which is a unique eLearning platform. With over 30 years of clinical, academic, and research experience in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine.  

He is an inspiring teacher and a Key note speaker in numerous congresses and TCM postgraduate courses.  

Visit Yair's site: and


Marian Nielsen Joos

Chinese Medicine came into my life as my mother way dying from cancer in 1999, in the last month of her life I asked a newly started acupuncturist Kathaline Lauge, if she would come and treat my dear mother.  

Acupuncture served my mother as she went over to the other side, into the light, and her soul was set free from a body deeply suffering. This ancient healing tradition supported her to take the last transformation she needed in this life.  

A very strong bounding had happened, I had lost my mother on the one hand but on the other I had gained what up to this day is my work, my hobby and my deeply felt passion.  

Chinese Medicine sent me out on a lifelong journey to both support many other people on their journey with focus on transformation and healing. Since 2003 I have had my own clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine up in the Swiss mountains, in a little city called Ilanz, which is the first city next to the river Rhein!  

Along side supporting other people on their journey from pain to healing. This has also been very much my own journey of transformation. Be cause when you step onto this path, you step onto a path, which awakens your consciousness.  

Self-cultivation happens as you are taught in school about the holistic life approach and your horizon is expanded. This was the beginning of that which I always had been looking for – HEALING!  

In 2005 I participated in the big international Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress in Rothenburg, Germany. Second time in the field of Chinese Medicine I fell in love! This community, this family, this connection all in the name of this healing tradition and I wanted to bring it all to Denmark.  

So I did, in 2007 the first Scandinavian TCM Congress saw the light of the day and 3 more congresses successfully followed. There were 4 congresses born at the same time that I had given birth to my 3 gourgeous children: Sean, Zoey and Malou. Plus I started to teach both at my own congress in Denmark and at the Rothenburg TCM Congress in Germany, along side with my The Heart Way workshops at my Swiss clinic. 

The Heart Way workshops at my Swiss clinic will very soon be offered online also. My dear colleague Eva-Marie Janelo and I are also right now working on an online course with focus on Face Reading for personal development which will be up and running early summer.

Visit Marian's site: &


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