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Our First Online Summit was Amazing! Thank You!

In June this year we held our very First Online Chinese Medicine Summit for FREE over three amazing days!

Over a thousand participated and shared in the wisdom and knowledge our experts and teachers so willingly imparted. In a never before seen format, we introduced a new way of self-culitvation and personal growth for practitioners, healers and affiliates of our Chinese Medicine Tradition.

Through 13 intimate Heart to Heart Conversations and through exquisite bonus material provided by each teacher, we have discovered a new way to inspire, interact and grow as a community. 

Thank you all for making this journey and this summit such a blazing success - and we hope to continue in this spirit for our next, already highly anticipated Second Chinese Medicine Summit in November 2017! 


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Learn How to Thrive as a Heart Centered Practitioner working on the Shen Level in the Chinese Medicine Tradition


An intimate, revealing Heart to Heart Conversation with Maivie Tollefeldt, CT Holman, Lorie Eve Dechar and Joan Duveen hosted by Marian Nielsen Joos


Held as a LIve Webinar from November and with Q&A Session - enjoy this content for just 42€


Hear about our Heart to Heart Conversations

  • “ Dear Marian, I have to thank you again for this summit. In the past, I have said that I am connected to self-cultivation and Daoism but not so connected to shamanism. This was due to some people around me who practice shamanism. When I heard Heiner talk about Ling and shamanism I understood that till now I mostly met the other type of shamanism. Actually, what Heiner said about the true shaman made it clear to me that I live and practice like that, that I am a shaman... a revelation for me! So, thanks a lot for being the bridge for this. Love, from heart to heart.”

    Joan Duveen

    Practicioner, teacher - Netherlands

  • “[...] I came away from the interview with many things to reflect on, for following my own path and for finding my own inner insights. [...]”


    Summer Summit 2017

  • “[...] Thank you Mike and Marian. So uplifting and a sense of a peace. An honour to be a part of the summit. A privilege to listen and remember.[...]”


    Summer Summit 2017 on the Heart to Heart with Mike Robinson

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